Samsung SyncMaster T27B750 review

Samsung's Series 7 LED monitor with AV connections

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Be careful what you ask for. In the case of the Samsung SyncMaster T27B750, you're effectively putting the request in for a jack of all trades. And we're not convinced you're getting a master of any.

There no question the LED monitor's feature set is great, what with the wireless video streaming and MHL support. If you're genuinely likely to use those features, the Samsung SyncMaster T27B750 is definitely work a look. There aren't many alternatives that can match those capabilities.

As a straight-up PC monitor, however, it's mediocre.

We liked

The Samsung SyncMaster T27B750 ain't that pricey, so it's nice to see your investment rewarded with a great looking monitor that simply looks expensive. The feature set in terms of AV connectivity and support for connecting mobile devices is also outstanding.

We disliked

TN panels are as TN panels do. They're just not as good as IPS or VA panels. Not even Samsung's undoubted industrial might, along with an LED backlit screen and some clever image enhancement tech, can change that. Lack of DVI connectivity and a tilt-only stand also limits the appeal for PC users.

Final verdict

If it's a stylish all-rounder with great multimedia features and mobile device support you're after, then look no further than the Samsung SyncMaster T27B750. But if it's a really good PC monitor you want, there are several superior alternatives.