Samsung SyncMaster T27B750 review

Samsung's Series 7 LED monitor with AV connections

Samsung SyncMaster T27B750
The 27-inch Samsung SyncMaster T27B750 is an LED monitor with a huge AV feature set

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If the overall multimedia feature set looks great, some of the fine details relating to its panel technology are less impressive. Unfortunately, that has an impact on image quality.

The two biggies here are the panel type and native resolution. The monitor market is currently in transition as cheaper displays with low-cost IPS panels are proliferating. So, it can be hard to predict what panel type a monitor will sport based on price alone.

Given that 23-inch IPS monitors can be had for under £150/$200, you might expect the £400/$550 Samsung SyncMaster T27B750 to have a high quality panel, too. Instead, it's cheap TN tech. OK, it is LED backlit, which helps. But TN is an odd fit with what otherwise looks and feels like a premium product.

Samsung SyncMaster T27B750 review

The native resolution of 1920 x 1080 also shows the Samsung SyncMaster T27B750's mainstream origins. That's Full HD, of course, and absolutely fine for a 23 or 24-inch screen. But if we're talking PC functionality rather than video playback, 2560 x 1440 is preferable at 27 inches. Otherwise, you've got more screen diagonal but no added desktop space.

Put it all together and you have a multi-purpose display that disappoints as a PC monitor. By TN standards, the image quality is good. The colours are fairly vibrant and the black levels perfectly tolerable.

Samsung SyncMaster T27B750 review

But if you're familiar with IPS technology – perhaps you have an IPS monitor or a smartphone or tablet with an IPS panel – you'll also notice the relatively poor viewing angles. Samsung includes its Magic Angle feature, which is supposed to offset poor TN-derived viewing angles.

It basically tweaks the colour balance and contrast to compensate for the shifts that occur with TN panels. But it's such a hilariously heavy-handed and ineffectual kludge, it's hard to understand why Samsung bothers.

Samsung SyncMaster T27B750 review

To a lesser extent, the same can be said for the other image enhancement features, including dynamic backlighting. In the end, there's no substitute for a high-quality panel.

There are a few more niggles that prevent the Samsung SyncMaster T27B750 from being a great PC monitor. It may look sexy, but the stand offers tilt-only adjustability, so it's not exactly configurable.

Then there's the connectivity. As an AV device, the mix of dual HDMI ports, VGA and component, along with the aforementioned wireless and USB connectivity is great. For PC usage, a DVI port would be preferable, especially if you have an AMD video card, which can be problematic with HDMI.


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