Toshiba Satellite Z930 review

An Ultrabook upgrade suited to any travelling professional

Toshiba Satellite Z930-10X review
A USB 3.0 port and other great connections sit on the Toshiba Satellite Z930

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The Toshiba Satellite Z930-10X manages to offer an excellent balance between power and affordability. It's a very accomplished Ultrabook - thin, light and powerful enough to handle a wide range of tasks simultaneously. The star of the show is undoubtedly the Ivy Bridge processor, which helps to keep the performance in line with other Ultrabooks available on the market.

Toshiba hasn't really attempted anything different here, and erring on the side of caution is probably the best approach. The Satellite Z930-10X is well-built, and although we were, at first, put off by aspects of the usability, it quickly became an excellent laptop for working on the move.

We liked

As a work computer, the Toshiba Satellite Z930-10X benefits from the range of connections on offer. You have an Ethernet port for when 802.11n Wi-Fi isn't available, and the HDMI connection means you can attach an external monitor for more screen real estate. Similarly, the three USB ports also enable you to attach peripherals and accessories to boost the spec of this machine.

Toshiba hasn't changed the outward design of the chassis, but it remains perfectly functional when it comes to portability. At 20mm thick and weighing only 1.1kg, you can easily carry the Toshiba Satellite Z930-10X from home to the office every day without any trouble.

We disliked

When it comes to multimedia, this Ultrabook isn't as accomplished as some of the others we've reviewed recently. The screen is bright enough, but the lack of an HD+ resolution is noticeable when compared to other machines, and audio quality could be improved, too.

Final verdict

We were positive about Toshiba's first Ultrabook, and the Satellite Z930 is another shining example of how to maximise connectivity, design and value for money performance.

If you want an Ultrabook exclusively for entertainment then we'd recommend looking elsewhere, but as a mobile workstation, the Toshiba Satellite Z930-10X stands as an excellent purchase.