MSI fx770

The MSI FX720 uses an Intel Core i5 2410M processor, which is one of the latest Sandy Bridge models. Backed up by 4GB of memory, you get strong mid-range performance. We ran a number of resource-sapping software suites and noticed little slowdown, even when we tried doing several things at once.

One of nVidia's older GeForce GT 520M graphics cards still holds up well, with HD movies streaming perfectly. Media editing software also runs smoothly, so you can mess around with your home photos and video as much as you like.

When it comes to gaming, the FX720 isn't quite as strong as we'd hoped. Older titles such as Half Life 2 run perfectly, but more recent, action-heavy games tend to stutter on the highest detail levels. If you want a gaming machine that'll last you more than a few months, we'd recommend looking elsewhere.

We were also a little disappointed by the overall performance compared to some other machines we've seen lately. While we weren't expecting results comparable to the Dell XPS 15z or Acer Aspire Ethos laptops, which are twice the price of the FX720, there are better-value multimedia laptops available.

For instance, Dell's Inspiron 15r has very similar specs for more than £100 less, while you can pick up the Lenovo IdeaPad Z570, which comes with a Blu-ray drive as standard, for just under £600. If you're looking for a 17-inch multimedia laptop, we'd have to recommend HP's Pavilion dv7 or the Samsung RF711 instead.

We also weren't blown away by the FX720's battery life. We know this laptop isn't made for lugging around, but we barely made it through a two-hour film before the screen went black. Compare this to other multimedia laptops, which often last at least three hours, and it's just another disappointment.

TechRadar benchmarks

CineBench 10: 9746
3D Mark 06: 6221
Battery Eater 05: 120 mins