MSI FX720 review

A sharp 17.3-inch screen but is this MSI value for money?

The definitive MSI FX720 review

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We've seen plenty of multimedia machines over the summer, and while some of them have been rather pricey, very few have disappointed. MSI's FX720 has some tough competition but does it offer enough to warrant a purchase?

We liked

If you're a cinebuff, or simply enjoy relaxing with the latest Michael Bay explode-a-thon, you'll love the FX720's excellent screen. It might not be the brightest panel, but it's impressively sharp and brings images to life with its rich, deep colours.

Performance is strong enough for everyday use, with no irritating long load times or unexpected stuttering. The dedicated nVidia graphics card means you can get stuck into games, although you'll need to turn down detail levels on more intensive titles.

If you've had enough of games and movies, you can stay productive with the firm isolation-style keyboard.

We disliked

Sadly, the FX720 is lacking that sleek, polished design that makes most multimedia laptops so desirable. We've seen laptops around this price point with solid, brushed metal bodies, so the lower cost is no real excuse.

Also, while performance is perfectly fine, there are better value laptops with similar specs out there. On the other hand, if you're a gaming fan you should look to spend a little bit more on a laptop that will last you longer.

The 500GB hard drive is a little stingy, considering how many portables at this price point have 640GB or 750GB of storage. There's also no Blu-ray drive, which quite a few media laptops have missed out recently.

Also, it might be an obvious point to make, but the FX720 is best left on a desk at home. The 3kg frame and two-hour battery life hamper portability, so look elsewhere if you need a machine for the daily commute.

With a sexy design and slightly better spec, the FX720 could have been a winner. The 17.3-inch screen is excellent, but there are better multimedia machines to be had for this price.