Aorus X3 Plus v3 review

A 14-inch gaming laptop with GeForce 970M power

Aorus X3 Plus v3

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We liked

The design and specification make the Aorus X3 Plus one of the most desirable gaming laptops around. With an advanced chipset, 16GB of RAM and the 6GB GeForce 970M under the hood it absolutely flies, and the slim profile and light weight make it the perfect portable games machine.

We disliked

The small screen is a drawback with this form factor, and the high native resolution makes menu text almost unreadably small. The trackpad is a bit nasty, and the battery life could be better.

Final verdict

If you're looking for a high-performance ultra-portable gaming machine that looks as good as it plays, and you have perfect 20/20 eyesight and don't mind the small screen size, then look no further. The Aorus X3 Plus is expensive, but you get a lot of machine for your money.