Google Pixel 2 review

Still has one of the top smartphone cameras

Image credit: TechRadar

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It all makes sense now. The Pixel 2’s standout camera clues us in on why Google named its smartphone series the Pixel in the first place. It was on its way to building the best camera on a phone, and this device fulfills that foreshadowed promise.

Great photos are among the most desirable features of any new smartphone, and this single-lens camera performs better than the advanced dual-lens cameras we’ve tested in almost every way. It’s even a great performer in low-light conditions. 

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We got use out of the new Google Assistant shortcut that has you squeeze the sides of the Pixel 2, and we like it a lot better than Samsung’s often-mispressed Bixby button. Dual front-facing stereo speakers and a water-resistant design make it an even more enjoyable phone.

I’ve heard people pre-judge the Pixel 2 (and Google) by its look, and not because they’re being forced to say goodbye to the headphone jack. It’s due to the design, especially the screen, which doesn’t look ambitious. It’s large bezels don’t scream 2017. You shouldn’t, however, judge the Pixel 2 by its cover – judge it by testing out its new camera.

Who’s it for?

The Pixel 2 is a great choice for anyone who wants to upgrade their always-on-them camera to the best among smartphones. It doesn’t have a fancy dual-lens camera or telephoto capabilities, but it does have portrait mode on both the main and selfie camera and color accuracy we just can’t find on another device. 

Should I buy Google Pixel 2?

Yes, if you’re looking to have the edge among smartphone photos, this is your new weapon. It’s not for people who carry around a DSLR or a mirrorless camera to snap great photos already, or people who couldn’t care less about taking quality pictures in the first place. This is for everyone else in that meaty middle who thinks of themselves as an amateur photographer (on Instagram) and hasn’t already been swayed from Samsung’s superior edge-to-edge screen. 

Matt Swider