Amazon Kindle Keyboard review

Could this be the first eBook reader to truly appeal to the mass market?

new amazon kindle 3 review
The Amazon Kindle 3 could be a landmark eBook reader

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kindle 3

The Amazon Kindle Keyboard is optimised for reading books above any other function, as a result it does a superb job. The E Ink display is gorgeous and incredibly easy to read. It's size and weight make it perfect as a portable eReader. And it's finally out at a breakthrough price £109 for Wi-Fi only and £149 for 3G.

There's a lot of attention being given to eBooks thanks to the explosion in multi-function tablets, but it's still the case that jack of all trades is master of none, and for reading, the Amazon Kindle is by far the best experience.

Given its price and the range of books now available, the time of the eReader is finally here, and the Kindle 3 is showing Apple the way.

We liked:

The screen is excellent, the size of the device is ideal and the range of books available is fantastic. The price is excellent compared with rival products.

We disliked:

Books could be cheaper, anything which needs colour doesn't work well, and the keyboard and menu systems are a bit clunky.


Amazon shows that specialising can pay as it beats the tablets at their own game.