Casper Hybrid Pillow review

The Casper Hybrid Pillow combines ultra-soft foam and moldable fiber to create a pillow that never loses its shape

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TechRadar Verdict

The Casper Hybrid Pillow is soft and supportive enough to provide a good night’s sleep every night. Its foam and fiber design helps it snap right back to shape, so there's no need to fluff it every morning. It's versatile enough for side, back, and stomach sleeping. (Two loft profiles are available.) There aren't any cooling materials within, but we didn't wake up hot when sleeping on this pillow.


  • +

    Suits all sleep styles

  • +

    Comes in two loft sizes

  • +

    Doesn't require fluffing

  • +

    Removable, machine-washable cover


  • -

    No cooling features

  • -

    Not customizable

  • -

    Shorter trial compared to others

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The Casper Hybrid Pillow has an innovative design that combines soft foam with liquid-like fibers. Covered with a soft knit outer shell, these elements work together to create a pillow that's supportive and comfortable. We wanted to see how it fares among the best pillows on the market. After sleeping on it for two weeks, we believe it deserves a spot on the list.

Our full Casper Hybrid Pillow review is below if you want to see how we got on with it – and see if it may be the right one for you. But if you really want to boost your sleep comfort, take a look at our guide to the best mattress for all budgets. You can also take a simple expert-developed test to find out if you're sleeping on the wrong pillow.

Casper Hybrid Pillow review in brief

The Casper Hybrid Pillow is the best of both worlds. It's a blend of fibers and foam for a moldable, marshmallow-like feel that's also incredibly supportive. That's in contrast to its Casper Original Pillow, which exclusively contains a fiber fill and is thus plusher – but it also requires constant fluffing.

However, the Casper Hybrid Pillow springs back to shape immediately, eliminating the need to stop and fluff it back up. It really does feel like you’re sleeping on a giant marshmallow, and the soft yet solid consistency of the pillow provides a very comfortable sleeping experience, no matter which position you fall into.

Casper Hybrid Pillow at a glance

Type: Hybrid (polyurethane foam and polyester fiber)
Best suited to: All sleep styles
Trial period: 30 days
Warranty: 1 year

You can choose between a mid loft (2-inch gusset) and a low loft (1.25-inch gusset). We tested the mid-loft pillow and felt that it helped aligned our neck and spine – particularly when we slept on our sides and back. In turn, this prevented us from waking up in any pain. We'd recommend a lower loft if you're a stomach sleeper, but we weren't too uncomfortable in this position with the mid-loft version.

We were continuously amazed at how utterly comfortable our pair of Casper Hybrid Pillows were. More impressive is how they always sprang back into shape, eliminating the need to fluff them every morning. (This was an issue we encountered with the Casper Original Pillow.)

Casper Hybrid Pillow against white background

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Unlike many top pillows on the market these days, there are no specialty materials to aid in temperature regulation. Despite that, our lead tester – who tends to sleep hot – did not experience any overheating with the Casper Hybrid Pillow. Still, it may not be the right choice for you if you need a pillow that actively wicks away heat.

Price-wise, the Casper Hybrid sits in the middle of the pack compared to its siblings. A standard size retails for $99, and the MSRP for a king is $129. However, you can save some money by purchasing in pairs direct from Casper, or shopping around for deals at the myriad third-party sellers that carry this pillow.

A 30-night trial is included, as is a 1-year warranty. Those are decent amenities, though similarly-priced pillows from other brands do tend to offer a little more on either front.

View the Casper Hybrid Pillow from $99 at Casper

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank">View the Casper Hybrid Pillow from $99 at Casper
No matter your sleep style, the soft-yet-supportive Casper Hybrid Pillow is sure to deliver plenty of comfort. It contains a combo of soft foam and liquid-like fibers that allow it to spring back into place, with no fluffing needed. A <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">low loft version is also available and discounted as a final sale item.

Casper Hybrid Pillow review: price and deals

  • Sits in the mid-range of Casper's line of pillows
  • Save money by doubling up on pillows
  • Includes a 30-night trial and 1-year warranty

Casper sells a variety of pillows. The Casper Hybrid sits in the mid-range of the company’s prices with an MSRP of $99 for a standard size and $129 for a king size. You can also save some cash if you double up on pillows. Two standard Casper Hybrid Pillows cost $189 ($94.50 per pillow) and two king Casper Hybrid Pillows cost $249 ($124.50 per pillow).

Like most of Casper's pillows, you can choose between a mid-loft or low-loft. The low-loft Casper Hybrid Pillow is currently on sale for 43% off, which puts a standard size at $56 and a king size at $73. However, this is a Final Sale item that can't be returned (except in the case of a defect). 

In addition to Casper direct, you'll also find the Casper Hybrid Pillow sold at Amazon, Target, and Wayfair. Thus, you'll want to shop around as you may be able to take advantage of any sales to score the lowest price.

One pillow that’s comparable in price to the Casper Hybrid is the Layla Kapok Pillow, which starts at $109. It features adjustable, removable fill plus woven copper fibers to help wick away heat and moisture. What's more, Layla offers a 120-night trial plus a 5-year warranty with purchase. (Casper includes a 30-night trial and a 1-year warranty.) We'd recommend this one if you sleep warm and would rather customize the feel of your pillow – but you'd have to fluff it more than the Casper Hybrid.

If you’re looking for something less expensive than the Casper Hybrid, the Coop Home Goods Adjustable Loft Pillow retails for $72. It may take some time to get the loft just right, so Coop Home Goods offers a free customization service to help you through it. It comes with 100 nights to trial it at home.

Casper Hybrid Pillow review: materials

Casper Hybrid Pillow unzippered

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The Casper Hybrid Pillow has a 100% polyester fiber filling, combined with a 100% polyurethane foam core. The lining is made of 100% polyester, and the cover comprises of 92% polyester and 8% spandex.  

These materials combine to provide a soft yet supportive pillow that effortlessly springs back into shape.

Casper Hybrid Pillow review: design and materials

  • Combines foam with fibers for a moldable feel
  • Not made with any specialized cooling materials
  • Removable cover can be washed and air-dried

The Casper Hybrid Pillow combines polyester fiber filling with foam for a pillow that is both cushy and supportive at just the right loft.  You can choose between a mid-loft and a low loft – this allows the Hybrid Pillow to cater to all types of sleepers. If you're not sure which loft to choose, you can take a brief quiz on Casper's site to find the best one for your sleep style.

We did notice that the Casper Hybrid Pillow does not have materials designed to help keep you cool at night, and this may be a concern for hot sleepers who sweat at night and wake up drenched. What may help mitigate this are the perforations in the foam core, which will allow for better airflow. 

This pillow has a zippable cover that can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine and then laid flat to dry. However, some people may find this method of drying to be inconvenient – especially if they don’t have a place to let items dry. What's more, the core of the pillow can't be put in the washing machine.

What other pillows does Casper make?

Casper has a wide range of pillows, including synthetic, down and hybrid options. We've tested some of them, and always been impressed. Learn more here:

Casper Hybrid Pillow review: performance

  • Springs right back, no fluffing needed
  • Comfortable in any sleep position
  • Not a cooling design but we didn't feel warm

We slept on a mid-loft Casper Hybrid Pillow for over two weeks, testing it in key areas of performance (support, comfort, and temperature regulation).We also made sure to lay in various positions to get a feel for how comfortable this pillow is for different sleep styles. Here's how we got on...


Casper Hybrid Pillow wrapped in plastic

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Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Our pair of Casper Hybrid Pillows arrived in a large shipping box. Each pillow was also in another Casper-branded box and individually wrapped in not one, but two layers of sealed plastic. This seems extraneous, but since we believe that proper shipping is imperative to prevent bed bugs and keep bedding material hygienic, we were pleased to see that so much care had been taken in packing and shipping the pillows.

After carefully cutting the first layer of plastic, the pillows started expanding. (The second layer provided an additional layer of protection, so we cut it as well). While we didn’t hover over the pillows to see how long it took to complexly expand, when we returned to the room in around 30 minutes, the expansion process was complete. We were able to sleep on them that night.

Off-gassing is a common issue with foam-based sleep products. Although there are some user reviews that complain about a lingering smell, we're pleased to report that we detected no noticeable scent at all.

Temperature regulation

Score: 4 out of 5

The Casper Hybrid Pillow doesn't claim to be temperature-regulating. We slept on ours for over two weeks, yet never woke up hot and sweaty. Plus, our lead tester tends to be a hot sleeper but didn't experience any overheating. 

Admittedly, we weren’t testing our Casper pillows during the dog days of summer; however, we did sleep under a duvet and also a weighted blanket at times. 

If you chronically sleep hot or need a specialty cooling pillow for warmer months, the Nectar Copper Pillow or Layla Kapok Pillow could be a better option for you to consider.

Firmness and support

Casper Hybrid Pillows side by side on a bed

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Score: 5 out of 5

Since our Casper Hybrid pillows had a mid-loft, we found they provided the right balance of firmness and support. We tested our pillows in several sleep positions, and in each position, we found the pillows both comfortable and supportive.

When sleeping on our side, the Casper Hybrid took the pressure off our shoulders while keeping our head, neck, and spine in alignment. The mid loft is also ideal for back sleepers. We had no problems in that position there since the pillow was high enough to provide adequate neck support.

While the low loft version of this pillow would be better suited for this sleep scenario, the mid loft ensured that the pillow wasn’t too high, which could have led to our tester waking up with aches.

Every morning we slept on the Casper Hybrid Pillow, we woke up refreshed. The combination of marshmallow-like fibers with the more supportive foam layer led us to feel refreshed and well-rested, without any neck or shoulder pain.

Better yet, this pillow springs back to shape immediately, eliminating the need to stop and fluff it back up every morning. Plus, if you have small kids, we’ll bet that you can entertain them for hours just by letting them squish the pillow and watch it spring back. 

Casper Hybrid Pillow review: user reviews

To supplement our experience with. the Casper Hybrid Pillow, we also combed through user reviews from verified customers to give a broader take on what it's like to sleep on it.

On Casper's site, there (curiously) aren't any reviews available for this specific pillow. However, the Casper Hybrid Pillow has an Amazon rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 125 reviews (December 2022). Roughly 60% of that feedback is 5 stars. 

Fans of the Casper Hybrid Pillow say it's comfortably dense, and they like that there's no fluffing required as it snaps right back into shape. Back and side sleepers, in particular, seem to sing its praises. On the flip side, critics say it's too expensive and prone to some lingering off-gassing. Opinions are split on the level of firmness – some people find it too soft while others deem it too firm. 

Should you buy the Casper Hybrid Pillow?

Woman resting on Casper Hybrid Pillow

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Having tested a pair of Casper Hybrid Pillows for two weeks, we rate them among the best pillows we’ve tested. Usually, you have to choose between types of pillows, and we love the fact that we can get both a supremely comfortable pillow and one that provides much-needed support. 

Due to its versatile design, the Casper Hybrid Pillow can be used for side, back, or stomach sleepers. No matter how we slept on it, we never felt tired or achy the next morning. That said, if you want to customize your pillow to suit your sleep habits, choose an adjustable fill model like the Layla Kapok. Alternatively, the somewhat-pricey Purple Harmony Pillow comes in three height profiles but also has a marshmallow-like squishiness to it.

The Casper Hybrid Pillow Doesn't provide temperature regulation – and it doesn't claim to, either – but we didn’t find that it trapped too much heat. If overheating is a chronic issue, you may want to spend a little more on a proper cooling pillow like the Nectar Copper, or the more affordable Molecule All-Season Pillow with dual warm/cool sides.

Overall, the Casper Hybrid Pillow is a great mid-range choice for upgrading your pillows and allows you to get the comfort you crave along with the support that you need.

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