Canon IXUS 115 HS: Build quality and handling

With the rear dominated by the LCD, little space has been left for controls. This is a shame as the menu pad is small and stiff, and is a little awkward to operate due to the lack of definition against the body around it. A similar problem occurs with the zoom rocker which encircles the shutter release button, in that it only protrudes around a millimetre or so from the edge of the camera. Otherwise, the slim, sturdy metal body and the camera's simplistic design is a winning combination.

The menu system also scores points, presenting enough functionality to tailor the camera to taste but not so much to overwhelm the less experienced.

As with other IXUS models, a press of the Func button brings up all standard shooting options, with icons, titles and brief explanations to make sure everything is fully explained, while movie recording is effortlessly started by a quick press of the dedicated button.