Sony XBR-X930D 4K HDR TV review

4K UHD streaming backed by Sony's X1 processor

Sony XBR-X930D
Sony XBR-X930D

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The X930D is a striking high-end Ultra HD telly. The design is minimalist but beautiful, and the implementation of Sony's Slim Backlight Drive proves an ingenious solution to the difficult problem of delivering high contrast HDR without the aid of a full array backlight.

The set manages to be contrasty offering a real HDR viewing experience, and image quality is fittingly impressive.

There are caveats, though.

The Android smart platform remains difficult to love and Sony's new-style remote control errs on the wrong side of ghastly. But with 4K HDR Netflix onboard, top motion handling and some excellent connectivity, you may well opt to take the rough with the smooth.

We liked

The Sony XBR-X930D is a gorgeous-looking 4K screen, with advanced functionality and high level of picture performance. It does a great job upscaling HD content, and offers a largely spectacular UHD picture performance.

With a quartet of HDCP 2.2-enabled HDMIs, you'll also be able to accommodate all the 4K sources you want, and of course Netflix and Amazon 4K are onboard.

We disliked

Sony's Slim Backlight Drive can leave blacks looking milky, and the set doesn't match the visual pop of full-array backlit rivals. The set's audio performance is also somewhat 'meh' and the new style remote control is a duffer.

Final verdict

Sony has taken a bit of a gamble with the X930D, opting for an ultra thin design that doesn't really lend itself to real HDR dynamics. But thanks to some ingenious engineering, it pretty much pulls it off.

There are caveats, but images (both HD and 4K) are nuanced and color-rich with poppy dynamics (keep the Light Sensor On to minimize grain). Factor in a competitive price and we think the set is well worth auditioning for the star role in your home entertainment center.

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