Sony KDL-40NX713 review

Sony's 40" network TV range aims to be all things to all viewers

Sony KDL-40NX713
Sony's KDL-40NX713 offers simply stunning pictures

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Sony kdl-40nx713

Sony has an exhaustive range of flatscreen TVs, but you need to look up the range to find the best performers. It's here you'll find the KDL-NX713.

What is really impressive about this screen is the clarity and the outstanding motion resolution of its images. This 40-incher offers first division picture processing. Pictures from Blu-ray are sensational and the HD channels offered by the Freeview HD are sharp and shiny.

Across the board there's massive detail and precious few blurring artefacts. This makes the screen great for sport, video games and action movies.

Sony is setting the standard in the IPTV content market. Its Bravia Internet Video portal has all the key attractions you'll want for bonus telly, while Qriocity and Lovefilm offer a wide range of premium PPV streaming movies.

Oddly, where the set stumbles is with network support (ostensibly the raison d'etre for the range). Video file support across a LAN is poor, and is far from comprehensive even when you pull content from USB media.

We liked

The clarity of the 40NX713's HD images, and its superb moving picture resolution, blew us away. We were pleased with the extensive content offered through its proprietary Bravia Internet Video portal, as well as the integrated Wi-Fi and the stylish overall design

We disliked

The clumsy nature of the optional bolt-on 3D sync transmitter is bit of a shame, as are the crosstalk effects prevalent on 3D content. Inadequate file support across a network and the lack of MKV support from USB also let us down.

Final verdict

This designer set is a top-flight picture performer and looks fabulous with Blu-ray. As a 3D proposition it has flaws, principally because you'll need to invest more cash to obtain the required accoutrements. But overall, the TV gets two thumbs up.

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