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Samsung UE40C8000 review

Samsung's gorgeous 40-inch skinny screen is an edge-lit LED delight

Samsung UE40C8000
The Samsung UE40C8000 has every feature you could possibly need, including 3D compatibility


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Improved internet TV offering
  • Gorgeous styling and ultra-black screen
  • Classy remote control
  • Easy to record to USB devices


  • Expensive
  • Dark areas lack detail
  • Cross-talk issues with 3D
  • Occasionally tortuous menu system
  • Some internet video services ineffective

This elegant edge LED-lit UE40C8000 is Samsung's skinniest TV ever. But its 24mm profile is just one of its many attributes, with 3D capability, DLNA networking, USB recording and internet TV among the auxiliary features that complement those jaw-dropping looks.

With its transparent-edged, brushed titanium bezel and ultra-black screen there's no doubting the 40C8000's place in pole position on Samsung's 40-inch TV grid, just ahead of the marginally fatter, brown-framed 40C7000.

Both sets have the polished X-shaped Quad stand but the 40C7000 doesn't come with the gorgeous backlit brushed metal remote control, nor can it record TV to an external hard disk or flash drive.

This is also Samsung's most expensive 40-inch model. If you want to witness the joys of Samsung's flagship C9000 series you need to scale up your size ambitions to at least 46-inch while tripling the amount of hard earned cash it will cost you in the process.

But where the C9000 series is an exercise in elevating Samsung's name to wannabe-aristocratic brand status, the UE40C8000's relatively affordable price tag keeps it within reach of ordinary people.