Samsung UE32C6000 review

A super Freeview HD TV with added multimedia functions

Samsung UE32C6000
This LED TV lacks the capability to play 3D content, but isn't short of other picture enhancing goodness

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samsung ue32c6000

For such a diminutive and skinny screen the sound reproduction is surprisingly good. Not of course anything like as clear or full as using a separate system but certainly perfectly acceptable for everyday use and superior to many larger screens. The various SRS modes (music, movie, clear voice and TruDialog) and Equalizer settings are well worth experimenting with to find the best soundfield for whatever genre you're listening too.

Packing so much functionality in to a small screen causes a few problems when it comes to ease of use. The Freeview EPG is nicely displayed with a mini window showing the live broadcast but the menu system is a labyrinth of adjustments, some with shortcuts, some without and locating say 100Hz Motion Plus involves a journey through five sub-menus.

Samsung ue32c6000 epg

The remote control is not the most logically laid out but at least it feels nice and there's no annoying lag between pressing a button and the execution of a command. The graphics and fonts used in the menu system are a bit small and skinny for this size screen and it's easy to get lost or confused.

Samsung ue32c6000 remote

The screen is packaged in a six-inch deep box so the stand has to be self-assembled using the IKEA-style guide. It's a fiddly business making sure you use the correct length screws from the dozen or so supplied.
Confusingly, the manual tells you you can hook up to the internet by connecting an ethernet cable to a modem.

Using a router such as a BT Home Hub that supports DHCP will automatically establish an IP connection to the TV. Page 31 of the manual advises you to contact your ISP or Samsung if the screen fails to make an internet connection. Don't bother though, contrary to the manual's implication, there is no browser support or internet TV service and networking is limited to accessing content on a DLNA computer.

Samsung ue32c6000 media playback

With dual USB ports we two thirds expected some support for hard disk recording but were disappointed to find it isn't offered.

Whacking the £800 UE32C6000 on your credit card will certainly bring in a few airmiles. For similar money you can buy a really impressive 40in LCD or 42in plasma such as Sony's KDL-40EX503 and Panasonic's TX-P42G20 respectively. If you really only want a 32in screen you could pick a decent one for less than half the price of the 32UC6000 although

Panasonic's TX-L32D28BP sells for £200 more than this Samsung, albeit bringing VieraCast internet TV to the party.