Samsung UE32C6000 review

A super Freeview HD TV with added multimedia functions

Samsung UE32C6000
This LED TV lacks the capability to play 3D content, but isn't short of other picture enhancing goodness

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samsung ue32c6000

With its premium qualities the 32UC6000 feels like a shrunken version of a larger screen and rather over-specified for a 32in model. But it's also clearly something of a design statement and whilst aesthetic appeal is a much bigger factor than it was before the invention of edge-lit LED screens no TV can be judged without consideration of functionality and performance.

We liked:

Stunningly detailed hi-def pics on Freeview HD and other hi-def sources such as Sky HD and Blu-ray. Black levels and colours are generally excellent although if Wayne Rooney ever gets sent off you'll probably see the ref brandishing an orangey red card.

Standard definition pictures are generally good, particularly the higher bandwidth channels on the Freeview tuner. Sound reproduction is decent for this type of screen and connectivity is generous, covering all your likely AV needs.

We disliked:

Weaknesses such as a lack of detail in very dark areas and 100Hz artefacts although the latter aren't as profoundly noticeable as on larger screens. The menu system and remote control aren't the easiest to get to grips with. The networking functionality stops short of direct internet access despite contradicting information in the manual.


The UE32C6000 is an appealing screen with supermodel looks and a penchant for serving up some wonderful HD pictures. Its Freeview HD tuner makes terrestrial TV look as good as it ever has and its a perfect partner for a Sky box too.

The numerous adjustment tools could keep you busy for hours but we suspect most users will simply select one of the basic picture modes and be perfectly happy.

There's no denying this TV is something of an indulgence but then wouldn't life be dull without the occasional treat?

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