Philips 46PFL9706H

Is this the greatest LCD TV ever built? This moth eye filter says it is

Philips 46PFL9706
Dazzling 2D performance is let down by mixed results with 3D

Philips 46pfl9706h

The 46PFL9706 carries Philips' latest Full HD 3D engine too (AKA 3D Max), which is reckoned to have reduced crosstalk noise compared to the brand's 2010 3D TVs. You currently get a couple of pairs of 3D glasses included (as a promotion) with the TV, and unlike Philips' 2010 TVs, the 3D transmitter is built into the TV rather than being an add-on extra.

A fun extra feature of the new 3D system enables two video gamers to enjoy full screen playback simultaneously, rather than having to stick with the usual split-screen approach.

This works by pushing two separate 2D streams through the same 'alternate frame' delivery system usually used by each 'eye' of a 3D signal, with each player then setting their glasses to only show one half of the twin-feed stream.

Impressively, the glasses that Philips includes with the TV are able to accommodate such use via a simple built-in switch - you don't have to buy special, separate glasses.