Panasonic TX-P42VT30B review

Sophisticated 3D plasma TV with superb performance and extensive multimedia capability

Panasonic TX-P42VT30B
This TV is proof Plasma TVs are still very much alive and kicking

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Panasonic tx-p42vt30b

The heavy, incredibly well built TX-P42VT30B looks, feels and performs like a serious bit of AV kit.
Its connections are comprehensive, it boasts a state of the art plasma panel and benefits from Panasonic's most comprehensive suite of picture adjustments and calibration aids to date, while the already impressive Viera Connect online system can only improve as more content is added.

Most importantly, the pictures are Panasonic's finest to date, which makes them by default among the very best ever seen. Just remember to use it in a reasonably low-lit environment if you want to get the very best from it.

We liked

The TX-P42VT30B is the most solidly built TV around and is good looking to boot. It's got all the connections you could possibly need and ships with 3D glasses and a Wi-Fi dongle.

Its online features are useful and it covers most multimedia bases. It's the set's stunning picture quality that really makes it special, though.

We disliked

The £1,500 price tag is undeniably hefty and the extra contrast filter in the screen slightly reduces its brightness (though it also boosts contrast) and 3D pictures aren't as vivid as on the best LCD sets.
There's judder with 50Hz images, too, which can only be improved by using the set's IFC processing.

Final verdict

The TX-P42VT30B is TV made for AV enthusiasts. Its uncompromising spec leaves no stone unturned in its bid for 2D and 3D excellence, it has professional-grade calibration aids and is beautifully built.
Its 50Hz judder issue and slightly compromised brightness don't stop the TX-P42VT30B from being an imperious example of why plasma is still a hugely potent TV technology.

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