Panasonic TX-P42VT20B review

Panasonic's most advanced 42-inch screen yet brings full HD 3D to the plasma party

Panasonic TX-P42VT20
We think 42-inches is a bit small for the 3D effect, but it does a sterling job with 2D

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Panasonic tx-p42vt20 5

Panasonic has taken its acclaimed P42V20 and given 3D fans plenty to think about. With a features checklist that includes Infinite Black Pro, Viera Cast internet video, Freeview and Freesat HD tuners, wireless DLNA networking, THX certfication, Intelligent Frame Creation, USB recording to hard disk and a glorious Full HD plasma panel there's very little that the P42VT20 can't do.

We liked:

This set's greatest strength is its picture quality. Whilst not in the very best league, detail and resolution are still superb. No LCD screen comes close in terms of colour fidelity and the Infinite Black Pro delivers sensational contrast levels. And the picture remains strong and solid from any viewing angle.

Setting up the wireless network is startlingly simple and overall the P42VT20 performs well as a multi-media display device. Sound quality isn't bad for everyday listening, either.

We disliked:

There are a couple of picture problems. For all its ability to reduce judder, IFC has unwanted side-effects that can make movies shot on film look like camcorder video. Pictures are also prone to loss of detail in darker scenes.

As a 3D set, the P42VT20 does a pretty good job but it's a faff to switch to 3D and back to 2D, and the specs aren't the best designed ones on the market.

Finally, the design of the set and the EPGs are not worthy of one of the most technologically advanced TVs you can buy.


From the barrage of 3D marketing that never seems to end you'd think that a 3D set would be essential but unless you're a 3D nut we'd find it hard to recommend the P42VT20. For a lot less money you can buy the 2D-only P42V20 and enjoy all of this set's core strengths.

It's debatable whether a 42in screen is big enough for 3D, which makes most things seem smaller. This screen is however big enough for Full HD, at which it certainly excels.

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