Panasonic TX-P37X20 review

Affordable HD ready plasma with excellent all-round performance

Panasonic TX-P37X20
The Panasonic TX-P37X20 has great pictures for the price

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Audio performance is great for a screen of this size. There's enough power on tap to satisfy causal viewers and a trio of modes are available to tailor the sound when required (Music, Speech, User). When in the User mode, a simple graphic equaliser becomes available.

For a little extra audio whammy there's V-Audio processing, which comes in two flavours: the standard engagement offers a wider stereo soundstage, while V-Audio Surround attempts to offer a more immersive listening experience. In truth it simply widens the stereo soundstage even more, but some might enjoy the effect.

The screen also supports the Audio Description service. This opens up an additional sound track that narrates events on screen for visually impaired viewers. You can switch the service to Auto or Off, and adjust the volume of the description sound track itself.

Panasonic tx-p37x20


For those on a tight budget, this Panasonic represents tremendous value if you rate picture performance above media streaming and network connectivity. The fact that the screen is 720p will be an issue for some, particularly if it's to be paired with a Blu-ray player, but the fact remains it gives a bright, sharp, stable image that's easy to appreciate.

We think you'll struggle to find a comparably priced TV able to compare when it comes to image quality.

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