Logik L423ED11 review

Dixons launches the cheapest 3D TV range ever, but is this 42-incher any good?

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Logik l423ed11 review

Being able to say that it's the cheapest 42-inch 3D Edge LED TV in the UK at the moment gets the Logik L423ED11 off to a highly attractive start. Especially since its price currently includes 10 pairs of glasses and a free Blu-ray player! What's more, it doesn't seem as badly compromised in terms of its design and connectivity as you might expect for its low price.

There are even some good points about the Logik L423ED11's performance. Its sound is passable, and its 3D pictures are fun, if short of finesse.

However, it's ultimately severely hamstrung by its inability to render dark scenes with any real quality, and it's possible that its extreme viewing angle limitations might be problematic to some people too.

We liked

The Logik L423ED11's price is definitely right, especially because the £599 currently gets you 10 pairs of glasses and a 3D Blu-ray player. The set's pictures look surprisingly good with bright HD content too, and its 3D images are relaxing and engaging.

We disliked

There's no Freeview HD tuner, the TV's viewing angle is extremely limited, and the set's black level response isn't really good enough.

Final verdict

It's a little difficult to know what to say about the Logik L423ED11. On the one hand, even after finding a few problems with it, its value is undeniable - even quite incredible with the Blu-ray player and glasses offered for free at the time of writing taken into account.

So if you really are desperate for big-screen 3D for a large family and you can't afford more than £600, the Logik L423ED11 is your only option. And actually, it's really not unpleasant to watch with 3D.

The catch comes when you're watching dark 2D scenes, which look far less pleasant than bright scenes, thanks to a fairly fundamental lack of contrast. Only you can decide if the Logik's value appeal is so strong that it overwhelms the black level problems.