LG 55LM660T review

LG's latest passive 3D TV is its best yet

LG 55LM660T
The bezel-free TV dream takes one step closer to reality

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The 55LM660T makes a heck of an impression right from the off, thanks to a stunning design that at least rivals and arguably betters the impact of Samsung's 'zero bezel' models.

It's also got all the connections you need for today's multimedia-obsessed world, including built-in Wi-Fi, and comes equipped with a beautifully presented, content-enriched version of LG's Smart TV service.

Then there's LG's passive 3D system, supported on the 55LM660T by the inclusion of five pairs of glasses included free in the box.

In many ways the 55LM660T is great fun to watch, too. Its 3D pictures are bright, colourful and relaxing, and its 2D images avoid some of the pitfalls of last year's LG range.

There are still a few problems though, including minor motion flaws, visible line structure over 3D pictures, rather hollow black colours at times, and enough input lag to trouble gamers.

We liked

The 55LM660T's design is nothing short of spectacular. And the same can often be said of its pictures, at least with bright, sharp, colourful HD and 3D sources. 3D in particular is great fun to watch.

The TV's operating system is very good too, and its multimedia features are excellent and very easy to set up and use.

We disliked

The screen suffers more input lag than gamers might feel comfortable with, and dark scenes can look a bit low on shadow detail. There are motion issues too.

Finally, the passive 3D filter causes signs of horizontal line structure over 2D and 3D pictures - though this isn't really a big problem from a sensible viewing distance, and would likely scarcely be noticeable at all on a smaller screen.

Final verdict

LG's ambitions to overhaul its Korean rival as the world's favourite TV brand are once again writ large on this early 2012 model. Its design is a belter; its feature count is massive and, for the most part, genuinely useful; and best of all its pictures are a big improvement over last year's equivalent models.

There are just enough problems around to make us yearn for LG's upcoming higher-specced TVs, but considered for what it is, a mid-range model, the 55LM660T remains for the most part a very attractive TV indeed.

Also consider

If you want an extremely affordable active 3D 55-inch alternative to the 55LM660T, then you could consider Toshiba's 55WL863 - a TV on sale for as little as £1200 in places. This set does suffer with crosstalk, though, and its online service is way behind LGs.

If you want a nearly crosstalk-free active 3D option, there's the Panasonic P55VT30. This uses plasma technology and so isn't as bright as the LG model, but it's a superb TV in a darkened room. Bear in mind, though, that it's due to be superseded soon by the P55VT30.

Passive alternatives are available from Panasonic (in the shape of the ET5 series), Toshiba (the VL863 series - though this doesn't go up to 55-inch), and the Philips also size-limited PFL7666 series. But it's worth bearing in mind that all of these TVs use passive 3D panels sourced from - you guessed it - LG.

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