LG 47LM670T review

Passive 3D, striking design and polished networking? Must be an LG Cinema Screen TV

LG 47LM670S
This 47-incher is the entry-level screen for LG's Cinema Screen range

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In terms of design, the fashion-forward 47LM670 is a clear winner. Indeed, this line could be the best looking range the brand has delivered yet. The minimized bezel and stylish stand make quite the statement. And when it comes to features, there's not much missing either.

By revamping the user interface, LG has made it much easier to integrate catch-up TV and streaming services as part of the everyday viewing experience. We also appreciate the set's broad compatibility with multimedia files as well. Good news if you've a growing collection of MKVs.

That said we have reservations over the picture quality. If you need a higher level of performance, LG offers better equipped models higher up the range.

As a stereoscopic set, the 47LM670T offers the requisite levels of fun. With a growing shift away from active Shutter toward Passive, it seems LG got this part of its display strategy absolutely right. It's definitely the way to go if you have kids or want to watch 3D sport with some mates.

We Liked

The 47LM670T's minimal bezel, floating ribbon stand TV design. The easy to use new dashboard interface and the wide range of IPTV on tap and the oh-so comfortable Passive 3D.

We Disliked

Limited motion resolution, making this set a bit hopeless with fast moving sport and gaming. An uneven LED backlight leaves some pools of light around the screen edges and it suffers from an Unimpressive black level.

Final verdict

The 47LM670T is (literally) a great looking flatscreen. With no apparent bezel when it's turned off, and only a token one when it's on, the screen is a poser of the highest order. And with a glossy new user interface to match, beauty isn't just skin deep.

Visually, the set is all about shop-floor pizzazz and doesn't stand up to close scrutiny. Still, we don't hold that against it - it just makes us eager to explore further up the range.

Also consider

The LG 47LM670 is pitched directly at Panasonic's similarly specified TX-L47ET50, which lists for £1,673 on Panasonic's e-shop, but should be available elsewhere for considerably less. It's 3D compatible but uses Active Shutter glasses, and has a well-stocked smart TV portal that offers many of the same catch-up and streaming services.

Buyers should also consider Toshiba's 46YL863. This telly is no slouch either, combing a high-quality picture with a smart Jacob Jensen cabinet design and the brand's high-performance CEVO Engine processor.

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