LG 42SL9000 42-inch LCD TV review

LG's brilliant new LED TV heralds 'borderless' era

LG 42SL9000 review
LG's new SL9000 series LCD TVs are fantastic

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LG 42sl9000

More than a thousand pounds is towards the pricier end of the scale for a 42-inch flatscreen these days, particularly when you consider what Panasonic can do with plasma for this sort of money.

You would expect something suitably high-end for your cash and that is exactly what the LG 42SL9000 provides.

It can do everything you could every reasonably ask of a television, packs one of the best performances currently available and wraps it up in one of the most desirable chassis we've ever seen. That it manages all of this while remaining so democratically user-friendly makes that grand or so seem very well spent.

Brilliant interface

LG set a standard a while ago that several manufacturers lost no time in following.


The wonderfully clear, 'tablets' interface employed on the company's recent sets is an absolutely joy to navigate, with clear, unambiguous graphics marrying up with a logical, intuitive system architecture and an excellent (backlit) remote control that a five-year-old could use.

Helpful touches include a Picture Wizard and a simplified manual saved to the set's built-in memory, ensuring that even the least technically minded viewer is able to get the set installed and adjusted to his or her liking without difficulty.

An almost bottomless set of 'advanced' options await the more adventurous videophile, however, with options such as colour temperature, gamma and black level adjustment and colour gamut sitting alongside a comprehensive array of pre-sets and modes.