LG 42LV450U review

A budget 42-inch TV that suffers for its lack of 3D, Freeview HD and smart TV

LG 42LV450U
The low cost of the 42-inch LG 42LV450U shows in its lack of 3D, Freeview HD or smart TV features

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LG 42lv450u review

Sound quality

Ultra-slim TVs tend to struggle where audio is concerned, due simply to the lack of space available for inbuilt speakers. Unfortunately the LG 42LV450U follows this trend, with extremely limited amounts of bass extension, and a distracting tendency for the TV's bodywork to start 'humming' with certain pitches of audio content – especially male voices.

It's not all bad news, though, because the mid range is actually quite open and clear, except for when those tricky chassis-bothering tones pop up. There's also a good amount of treble clarity and detail, although this treble information can become too dominant during action scenes.


The LG 42LV450U's £520 price is certainly eye-catchingly low for a 42-inch TV using edge LED processing. Especially one that can, given the right sort of source material, pump out vibrant, appealing pictures.

However, its lack of a Freeview HD tuner or any online features together with some pretty average handling of dark scenes ultimately harm the TV quite severely. Especially when you consider that you can get LG's massively better specified 42LV550T for only £40-£50 more.

Ease of use

Not having any Smart TV features means that the 42LV450U doesn't have LG's impressive Smart Hub on-screen menu system. It's still incredibly user-friendly though, thanks to the extensive use of attractive, large and well thought through icons and sensibly organised option lists.

The remote control doesn't look particularly swish – it's plasticky and seems cluttered. But the longer you use the LG 42LV450U for, the more you come to appreciate just how well laid out the remote control is, with all the major buttons falling easily to hand and its slender design fitting comfortably into your hand.

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