LG 37LG3000 review

A great mid-size 37" LCD TV with pictures that belie its price

The LG 37LG3000 is able to reach down into the kind of murky depths that are normally exclusive to plasma

TechRadar Verdict

Despite not being Full HD, this TV still has a whole lot of attractive features to help its appeal


  • +

    Awesome black levels

  • +

    Great value

  • +

    User friendly menu system

  • +

    Fantastic pictures


  • -

    Not Full HD

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Every set aims at a perceived market, but few hit their targets as accurately as the LG 37LG3000.

Every aspect of this affordable mid-sized set has been fine-tuned for its style and quality-conscious audience.

The looks, for a start, are pleasing, without being ostentatiously flash, meaning that it will fit effortlessly into any reasonably modern front room, while the operating system alone is almost a reason to buy the set.

Impressive spec

The graphics are huge and attractively rendered, while the menu architecture behind them is
so flawlessly intuitive that you'd struggle to find anyone who couldn't set this TV up to their liking within minutes.

Don't be fooled into thinking that this is a lightweight, mass-market set designed as a family workhorse or occasional medium for the news: that friendly interface contains a set of tweaks sufficiently expansive to keep all but the most exacting video nuts happy.

It's not short on spec, either, with three HDMI inputs and LG's much-vaunted XD Engine picture processing technology heading up the features list.

The pixel count falls short of full HD, but, again, this is scarcely likely to bother the target user
and, with that in mind, lets the Korean manufacturer keep the price tag attractive to those who want all-round competence rather than whizz-bang videophile pyrotechnics.

Impeccable pictures

The immaculate results are the cherry on an already very tempting cake. The pictures exceed every other set in its class and put to shame some much more expensive flatscreens.

The palette is extremely easy on the eye and manages to avoid liquid crystal's occasional tendency towards garishness. The range of colours is remarkably subtle when needs be and the blending of shade and tone is consistently impressive.

The other notable boon is the set's facility with blacks: the LG is able to reach down into the kind of murky depths that are normally exclusive to plasma.

These impeccable video credentials plus the immaculate user system, smart styling and remarkably reasonable price make the LG 37LG3000 one of the best-value TVs ever made and a more than worthy set.

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