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LG OLED55C6P review

LG takes OLED to new heights


The OLED55C6P does its best to seduce you as soon as you look at it, with its stunning ultra-thin and tastefully curved screen. Happily, that turns out to just be the start of its appeal, as its OLED screen technology serves up frequently amazing picture quality, while its webOS operating system is a joy to use.

Really extreme HDR content can cause LG's ground-breaking TV one or two headaches, but overall the OLED55C6P represents another big step forwards for what remains the most promising TV tech you can currently buy.

It's a touch disappointing, perhaps, that LG hasn't introduced any real OLED price reductions for 2016. On the other hand, you could easily argue that $2,800 isn't beyond the pale for picture quality which is unprecedentedly good in key respects. Let's not forget, either, that it wasn't all that long ago when you couldn't get an OLED TV for less than eight grand.

We liked

The OLED55C6P looks a million dollars with its super-slim, silver-edged screen. It also produces stunning color and contrast, along with more brightness than any previous OLED TV, and it's the first TV I've seen that consistently convinces with dark HDR scenes. Meanwhile, WebOS continues to be arguably the simplest smart TV interface in the business.

We disliked

Bright HDR peaks aren't as intense as they are on LCD TVs, and there can be some loss of detail in the brightest areas. The very darkest HDR content can suffer with a couple of different types of noise, and the set's audio lacks bass. The curved screen won't suit everyone either, especially if you have a bright light source opposite the screen.


LG is to be applauded for moving its already impressive OLED technology on leaps and bounds with the OLED55C6P. It solves my main problems with 2015's screens, and the extra brightness that's been found is as welcome as it is important.

There remain two or three key areas where LG can improve things further, but the OLED55C6P is certainly the finest all-round OLED TV I've seen yet – and that ranks as high praise indeed.