Bluetooth Minirig review

The best portable wireless speaker around.

Bluetooth Minirig
Editor's Choice
The finest portable speaker around

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The Minirig may not be the most well-known device around, but it really deserves a lot more recognition; it packs a whole lot of impressive portable audio tech into a small, great-sounding package.

Add in the Bluetooth aptX functionality, the seemingly endless link-up possibilities and capacious battery and you've got a quality little speaker.

We liked

First and foremost the audio quality is excellent. All the way up and down the volume slider the sound stays crisp and clear.

The connectivity is great too, offering both wired and wireless capabilities along with its daisy-chaining link-up lovin'.

I love the fact it's so simple too, which is great for ease-of-use, but also makes the Minirig a wonderfully subtle, unassuming thing aesthetically too.

And that battery, oh, that battey…being able to take it away for a full weekend without needing to charge is great - in fact you can even use it to charge your other devices via USB too.

Bluetooth Minirig

We disliked

I've thought long and hard about this, but the only negative I can really say about it is that £140 is a fair chunk of cash. But considering what you get for that I'd say it's still money well spent.

The only techie niggle came from the TWS setup, and even that was very intermittent and hardly experience-destroying either.

Okay, there is also the fact it's only a mono speaker, which might be an issue if you're trying to create an audio soundscape for a movie, but for blasting out the tunes in the park not so much.


I've been using the Bluetooth Minirig for a good while now and I can still barely find fault with it. Genuinely it's the best portable speaker I've used, in terms of both its volume, sound quality and battery life.

I dig the style, the simplicity and the sound - it's the wireless speaker that's always on in my kitchen and is always going to be in my bag when I travel.

I can totally see why it's got such a cult following.