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Goodmans GDSAT200HD review

Low on features but big on picture quality, this receiver is a bit of a mixed bag

Our Verdict

Good value and great performance, but feature count could be better


  • Excellent HD images and sound
  • Simple to use
  • Relatively cheap


  • Sparse features
  • Poor navigation

They've really pushed the design department boat out on this one - it's a complete change in looks from the Goodmans standard-definition model - a switch from grey to black for the front panel.

Otherwise, the Goodmans GDSAT200HD looks just like its SD counterpart but the power supply is external (in the mains plug), which spoils the design a bit.

Like the Grundig GUFSAT01HD, the GDSAT200HD costs £30 more than the Bush BFSAT01HD for no apparent reason (but then the Goodmans SD receiver cost more than the other two brands too).

User-friendly receiver

The GDSAT200HD is simple to set up, requiring just your postcode (for the regional BBC and ITV channels) and the screen format - but it takes an age to scan the channels.

The channels found are displayed in one long list, in the Freesat-specified order, where a channel can be selected with the cursor buttons or with its channel number (the Back button is useful here as it returns to the last channel).

Although you can populate a favourite channels list with any TV or radio channels, selection of a channel through this is very rudimentary doesn't add much usability. The main list contains both TV and radio stations, and HD and SD channels and cannot be rearranged in any way, nor sorted, nor even pruned of unwanted channels.

Channel scrolling

You can also go to the channel showing the programme you want through the EPG (or programme list as Freesat calls it). This is divided up into 11 content categories and shows the time and title for programmes for over two on eight consecutive channels.

You can scroll vertically through the whole channel list and horizontally through the programmes. A moving vertical line shows where in the table the current time is and the details of a selected/highlighted show are shown at the top of the screen.

You can select a show to watch (if it's currently on) or book the receiver to switch to a future show (to remind you it's starting or to record it).

Fantastic HD performance

Most importantly, the GDSAT200HD doesn't disappoint when it comes to performance. The picture and sound quality from this receiver belie its price. Even SD pictures look good via the HDMI interface and the images and Dolby sound from the BBC HD channel are fantastic.

The Goodmans GDSAT200HD is an excellent piece of kit for those wanting HD reception. There may not be a great deal of FTA HD as yet but this receiver gets it all - and all SD UK free channels too. It may not suit enthusiasts but it does a basic job extremely well