The Samsung Galaxy S24 has some top AI features - but the cloud provider behind them might be a bit of a surprise

AI on the Galaxy S24
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Samsung’s latest flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S24, has finally been unveiled, and we now know that it will come packed with artificial intelligence enhancements, but they’re not in-house developments.

Instead, Samsung has revealed a “multi-year” partnership with Google Cloud to bring generative AI into its phones.

Google’s Gemini Pro multimodal model, plus Imagen 2 on Vertex AI, are set to be deployed to Galaxy S24 devices, putting powerful AI in the hands of thousands of consumers.

Galaxy S24 gets Google’s generative AI

Samsung proudly proclaimed in its announcement that, in doing so, it had become the first Google Cloud partner to deploy Gemini Pro on Vertex AI to consumers. The Gemini family of models were announced just recently and poses a big threat to OpenAI’s GPT models.

Being a multimodal model, Gemini can combine text, code, images, and video. In the case of its deployment on Samsung Galaxy S24 devices, it promises to generate summaries across Notes, Voice Recorded, and Keyboard.

Janghyun Yoon, Corporate EVP and Head of Software Office of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics, said: “After months of rigorous testing and competitive evaluation, the Google Cloud and Samsung teams worked together to deliver the best Gemini-powered AI experience on Galaxy.”

Imagen 2, a text-to-image diffusion technology, will deliver “safe and intuitive” photo editing capabilities to consumers, and will be built right into the Galaxy S24’s Gallery app.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian, said: “With Gemini, Samsung’s developers can leverage Google Cloud’s world-class infrastructure, cutting-edge performance, and flexibility to deliver safe, reliable, and engaging generative AI powered applications on Samsung smartphone devices.”

Looking ahead, Samsung’s future looks to be getting a generative AI boost. As part of the partnership, it also became one of the first customers to test Google’ flagship version, Gemini Ultra, which outperforms GPT-4 in many benchmark tests.

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