The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6's coolest AI feature is this two-screen live translate trick

Interpreter on Galaxy Z Flip 6
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Samsung’s newest foldables, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, were unveiled during the company’s latest Unpacked event. We got to see the smartphones in all of their next-gen glory, from the Z Fold 6’s snazzy redesign to the Z Flip 6’s improved camera array.

It isn’t all hardware upgrades, though. The pair introduces multiple AI features, but the most interesting is Interpreter. It quickly provides live translations of different languages. Through Conversation Mode, transcripts appear on both the smartphones' Cover and Main screens.

For example, say you’re talking with someone who doesn't speak English and you have a question. 

By speaking directly into the microphone, Interpreter writes out the translated text on the outer display. The other person can then record their voice by pressing the on-screen prompt and their answer is quickly translated on the inner display for you to read.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 6 Live Translate - YouTube Samsung Galaxy Fold 6 Live Translate - YouTube
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Interpreter is already available on the Galaxy S24, but because it has a single screen, you either have to turn the phone around to show the translation or have the AI voice talk out loud. So, that second screen really makes a world of difference.

It wasn't a flawed system, but the outer screen enables a more seamless experience between parties. You won’t have to flip the phone to have a conversation or stick the device in their face.

Feature limitations

There are several things you need to be aware of if you plan on using Interpreter on your next vacation. Not all of these details were mentioned in the announcement post as some of this information could only be found in the fine print on the official Unpacked 2024 live stream

First off, both the Z Fold and Z Flip 6 have to be in Flex Mode, meaning they have to be halfway open like a mini laptop to use the feature.

It’s unknown how many languages are supported by Interpreter. Demos show English, Korean, French, and Thai. If it’s anything like the S24, the total could be 13 different languages with support for a handful of dialects. Additionally, be aware the translations may not be the cleanest. Samsung even states in the livestream’s small print that “accuracy of results is not guaranteed.”

The foldables do offer the option to listen to translations via the aptly named Listening Mode. This can be helpful “when attending a foreign language lecture or traveling to other countries.” However, you will need a pair of Galaxy Buds, such as the Buds 3 Pro, to listen to these translations privately. Other earbuds will not work.

Pre-orders are available for the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6. We highly recommend checking out TechRadar’s pre-order deal roundup, as several carriers are offering great deals. Samsung is willing to remove up to $1,200 off the price tag from one of these smartphones with trade. 

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