The iPhone 16 Pro could have a weird camera, reminiscent of an electric razor

iPhone 15 Pro review back handheld angled camera
The iPhone 15 Pro (Image credit: Future | Alex Walker-Todd)

Apple has stuck with broadly the same camera design on its Pro iPhones ever since the launch of the iPhone 11 Pro, but with the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max, there might be a big change.

This is according to leaker Majin Bu, who – posting on X (formerly Twitter) – has claimed that the iPhone 16 Pro (and presumably therefore also the iPhone 16 Pro Max) will have a triangular camera block.

Or rather, it will retain the squarish block of the iPhone 15 Pro, but the lenses within it will be housed in a raised triangle, rather than jutting out of the square individually. You can see how this might look in the post below.

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You can see that the flash and the LiDAR scanner are within the square but not within the triangle, which just houses the trio of lenses.

It looks a bit weird here, however, this image is just for “demonstration purposes”, with the information received by Bu simply being that the design will “have the shape of a triangle” and “be more similar to a razor”, such as the one pictured. So even if this leak is accurate, the exact design may differ a bit from this image.

Apparently this change in design would “allow more cameras to be added to the module in future”, though it’s not clear how a raised triangle would help with that.

An unlikely update

We would however take this leak with a massive helping of salt. The source has a mixed track record and they claim that “I have no way of verifying whether this information is 100% accurate or true.”

More damningly, another leaker (@URedditor) replied claiming that this design isn’t real, then followed that up by saying "unless they developed an alternate backplate design in complete secrecy - possible but very unlikely."

So right now we suspect this won’t be the design of the cameras on the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max. But it certainly seems time for an updated camera design, so we wouldn’t totally rule this out either.

We probably won’t be certain of the iPhone 16 Pro’s design for a while yet, as it’s likely to land in September, alongside the rest of the iPhone 16 line. But we’re sure to hear plenty more rumors and leaks before then.

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