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You can now create Google Calendar events by typing into your browser's address bar

Google Calendar
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You can now create Google Calendar entries from the comfort of your browser's address bar using Google's .new top-level domain (TLD).

Forget firing up Google Calendar and clicking the Create button, now you can just type into the address bar and hit 'Enter'. You can also use the shortcut.

In either case, you'll be taken to a new, blank calendar entry ready to fill in all of the details you need for an appointment.

As Android Police explains, if you have more than one Google account, and therefore more than one Google Calendar, you can specify which one you want to create a new appointment in. Use the shortcut to add a new entry to your first calendar, for your second, and so on.

To make things even easier, you can save yourself the hassle of typing and create bookmarks for any of these shortcuts for even easier appointment creation.

Google shared the .new news in a tweet:

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The use of the .new TLD is not – if you'll excuse us – entirely new. Google previously introduced the shortcut for creating new Keep notes, and, and for creating new documents in G Suite.

Who knows – it might not be long before Google decides to expand the shortcut to Gmail as well. Here's hoping.