Dark mode for Gmail arrives on iOS and Android – and here's how to activate it

Dark mode for Gmail
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The dark mode trend shows no signs of slowing down, and Gmail is the latest app to receive the now obligatory redesign.

It's been some months since iOS 13 and Android 10 arrived, with their system-wide dark modes, but despite being hugely popular on both operating systems, Gmail has been one of the last major apps to receive a suitable new color scheme to match.

Google began rolling out Gmail's new dark mode back in September, warning that it would take several weeks to be released to all users, but it seems that date has finally arrived, although some might still need to wait for the update to hit  all  devices as it rolls through the servers.

Turn to the dark side

To take it for a spin, first make sure you have the latest version of Gmail installed (visit its page in the Google Play Store or App Store if you're not sure) and re-launch the app if it's already open.

If you have Android 13's system-wide dark theme enabled, the app should switch to its new look automatically. Alternatively, you can activate it manually by tapping the menu icon on the top left, scrolling down and tapping 'Settings', then 'General settings'. Here you can change Gmail's theme to either light, dark, or system default.

The process is almost identical for iOS 13: either switch on the operating system's own dark mode and Gmail will change to match automatically, or tap the app's hamburger menu, select 'Settings', then tap 'Theme' followed by 'Dark'.

This article has been updated to reflect that some devices might not have access to the new dark mode while it rolls out server side - however, keep checking your apps for the update.

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