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Status update: Facebook movie in the works?

From Facebook to Facefilm?
From Facebook to Facefilm?

In a world where office workers' productivity levels are diminishing, one site and one site only can take the blame. And that site is… Facebook!

In what sounds like the most bizarre idea for a movie ever, Aaron Sorkin, the creator of the majestic West Wing and the up-itself Studio 60…, is said to be in negotiation to pen a movie about Facebook's Harvard student founders, according to the

Hollywood Reporter


If the movie is made, then it will transport us way back to 2004 when online social-networking was confined to Friends Reunited.

That was until three boffins/nerds/computer whiz-kids Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes came up with the idea for the phenomenon that is Facebook.

Possible cast

As this story is completely made up of pure internet rumour and speculation, we thought we would take a punt at what actors they would get to play Zuckerberg et al.

Well, as it's based in a university, the best bet would be the bloke that got Juno knocked up in Juno, kid of the moment Shia LaBeouf to play the more crazy and outgoing of the group, and Will Ferrell to reprise his role of 'Frank The Tank' in Old School.

Not sure how all this will fit with Sorkin's plans, but he's going to have to inject some fun into a movie that will essentially focus on a bunch of Harvard rich kids getting more, er, richer.