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You can now watch YouTube videos on Android Wear, but why would you?

Android Wear video
Finally, you can now watch video on your Android Wear watch

The day has finally come where you can watch YouTube videos directly on your Android Wear watch.

Considering the size of the screen and the lack of speakers on all Android Wear devices it's not the brightest idea, but a new app called Video for Android Wear & YouTube allows you to search and play any video on the video sharing service.

If you download the app you can then search for videos with your voice, pause, resume, seek and even change the volume.

Not totally useless

None of the watches available have speakers so the app is also made compatible with Bluetooth connected speakers and headphones.

It's a silly idea really, but there's a useful feature here: full Chromecast support.

You can simply search for YouTube videos and then cast them directly up to your TV without having to mess around with another device, plus then you've even got a remote control on your wrist.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store now and it's compatible with all Android Wear devices – it's quite a large app though so give it a little time to install.

Via Android Authority

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