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Backwards EPG and catch-up coming to Freeview

Backwards EPG and catch-up coming to Freeview
EPG about to get a little bit more handy

You'll soon be able to catch up on TV shows you missed by browsing backwards through the Freeview EPG.

The EPG upgrade will only benefit those with a connected set-top box or TV, but will bring a week's worth of catch-up programmes to the televisual buffet.

But its not clear whether everyone with an existing Freeview box will be able to get the upgrade – by the sounds of things, it might need to be pre-loaded on new hardware.


There's no word yet precisely when the EPG upgrade will be released, unfortunately.

Ilse Howling, MD of Freeview, said, "It's too early to say when [the EPG upgrades] will be available, but that is our direction of travel."

But we wouldn't be surprised if Freeview manages to roll the service out before the constantly-delayed YouView makes it to our televisions.

The news will come as a blow to YouView, which had hoped to be the Freeview of video on demand – it looks like it may have missed its chance.