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Nokia Music enlists Green Day for launch event

Nokia Music enlists Green Day for launch event
Nokia walks this empty street, on the boulevard of broken dreams...

In the late nineties and early noughties, everyone loved Green Day and Nokia. Now? Not so much.

As the former pop-punk titan and ailing smartphone giant look to recapture their former glories and convince the world they're still 'Tré Cool', they've teamed up to launch the new Nokia Music service.

Nokia Music, which arrived exclusively for US-based Lumia smartphone owners last week, offers free and unlimited access to 17 million tracks.

To celebrate the launch, the Billie-Joe Armstrong fronted trio will play an exclusive content at a launch event in New York City at Irving Plaza on September 15.

Boulevard of broken dreams?

The band will also create three exclusive playlists for the service. The fact that Green Day is releasing three albums in the next few months is completely coincidental, obviously.

In all seriousness though, snaring Green Day is quite a coup for Nokia, although we're sure it has troubled the company's already troubled accountants.

If you're interested in attending the private NTC show, keep your eyes peeled to Green Day's Facebook page for info.

Via: Rolling Stone