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Samsung debuts flagship Tocco Ultra

The Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition
The Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition

Samsung's desire to nab top spot from Nokia in the future has led it down the path of convergence, and the new Tocco Ultra Edition certainly sees a lot of features in a teeny frame.

Unveiled today, the diminutive slider comes with an 8MP camera, a 2.8in touchscreen OLED screen for super vibrant colours and a slide-out numeric keypad in a 12.7mm body.

As you might expect from a flagship handset, the Tocco Ultra also comes with a 3.5G connection, although no WiFi is a little bit of a disappointment.

Unsurprisingly from the latest slew of camera phones, there's a dual flash LED to complement the 8MP sensor, as well as AF, face detection and geo-tagging.

Super Sloooo-moooooooo

The Tocco Ultra Edition can play back video in a variety of formats, including DivX, Xvid and MPEG-4. Video recording is possible at 30FPS, and can be done at a variety of speeds, for those moments when you want to record your mate running very, very fast.

There's a MicroSD slot for expansion up to 16GB (the largest card currently available) to add to the measly 75MB onboard.

Samsung fans will also be pleased to see the usual TouchWiz interface, so widgets and separate menu screens will be present and correct.

Due out in March, there's no word on pricing as yet, but should debut on most, if not all, of the UK networks.

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