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Nokia's N97 Mini exposed in official pic

Nokia's N97 Mini in official press shot?
Nokia's N97 Mini in official press shot?

Despite a long-standing 'can't confirm' stance from Nokia, the N97 Mini looks nailed on for a September unveiling after official pictures emerge.

The 'proper' marketing photography (we saw the same thing for the N900) signals the final stages of the release are under way, and with Nokia World happening next week, an announcement is surely imminent.

However, the Nokia N97 Mini has hardly won many fans, even before it's been officially unveiled, with the slightly smaller frame not impressing many.

No direction

In essence, it's dropped the D-Pad from the 'proper' N97, shrunk the screen slightly and shed 75 per cent of internal memory.

Early hands on reviews state the keyboard isn't any more responsive, and the price is set to only be around £75 cheaper than the full version, which came out around £500 SIM free.

While it's obvious Nokia doesn't want to cannibalise its flagship product by announcing a new one two months after release, the brand will have to work hard to convince people the new device complements, rather than replaces, the legacy model.

Via Engadget