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Logic3: iPhone port will definitely change

Logic3: iPhone port will definitely change
New ports? We aren't afraid...

Audio accessories manufacturer Logic3 says a new iPhone connector wouldn't be a terrible thing.

The brand has been creating a range of accessories for Apple products for years, as well as joint projects like the recent Ferrari by Logic3 range of headphones.

However Michael Kirkham, a director at Ferrari by Logic3 told TechRadar that a 19-pin port, heavily rumoured to replace the iconic 30-pin connector on the iPhone 5, wouldn't be a massive problem:

"It's an issue… but got to plan around that. Even if Apple does get rid of the 30-pin connector, there are still millions of devices that use it; that gives us time to rev up [a new connector type].

"[A change to the port] is going to happen someday - the 30-pin connector has been around since 2004."

What will it look like?

"What the change actually is, we find out on day of launch. Will it be for power? Power and audio? We don't know what the effect is going to be, but that's the market we have to work in."

Kirkham said that Apple has previously given advance notice when changing ports to give accessory manufacturers the chance to catch up, in order to keep product quality high:

"Apple tends to give a little bit of a heads up, for instance when it moved from FireWire to USB. The same happened when it said products can't be iPod only, they have to work with the iPhone too. It's about improving the experience, cutting out some of the rubbish coming through."

Android power arriving

Kirkham also said that Logic 3 was also looking to bring more Android-specific products to the market, given the success of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

With the popularity of the phone and other Samsung devices, accessory manufacturers are starting to see a standard emerging, making it easy to create dedicated products.

"The thing is there have been so many Android devices in the past; everything from a Chinese guy making a phone to Samsung and HTC, and they've all been slightly different," added Kirkham.

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