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HTC Touch Diamond2: on sale now!

Getcha HTC Touch Diamond2's 'eer! Ten a pahnd!
Getcha HTC Touch Diamond2's 'eer! Ten a pahnd!

Those of you champing at the bit to get your hands on HTC's latest touchscreen darling, the Touch Diamond2, will be pleased to hear sales of the phone have already popped up online.

While it's possibly a little bit unofficial, you can nab one of the latest 'iPhone slayers' (although if we never hear that phrase again it would be too soon) for a lick over £400 over at Expansys.

The same site is also offering the phone with a bundle to turn it into a GPS device too, by bundling it with CoPilot Live and a car kit. The Touch Diamond2 hasn't really been dubbed a 'Tom Tom slayer' (it will kill some other device some day) so we'll wait and see if this is a trend.

Fallen over

And another site, DeviceWire, was also offering the phone for sale for night on £450, although it seems this site has since been taken down (or been crippled with demand and fallen over).

There's still no word on which carriers intend to pick up the Touch Diamond2 officially as yet, but it's likely they will be months behind the retailers as usual.

We've put a call into HTC to find out more about the Touch Diamond2's availability, so we'll let you know when we do.

Via Engadget