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Google: Android won't compete with Chrome OS

Android coming in multiple tasty flavours
Android coming in multiple tasty flavours

Google has confirmed it has multiple upgrades for Android in the works, with Donut, Éclair and Flan the next in line after Cupcake, as well as highlighting how it is not a direct competitor to the new Chrome OS.

Speaking at a recent media event with T-Mobile in the US, Andy Rubin, a vice president of engineering at Google, said the company was naming the new updates after desserts and doing so in alphabetical order (although he didn't give any information on what the updates would actually bring).

Rubin did state that Android isn't going to compete with the Chrome OS, as both have a different place in the Google portfolio.


"Chrome has a very Web-centric view of the world," he said. "There are different problems to be solved in different categories of consumer products. You need different technology for different solutions."

Rubin also pointed out Android is not just for mobile phones, but also for "non-computer devices", with things like GPS units and even fridges picking up the open source platform.

Android is also set to grow even bigger this year than previously anticipated, with Rubin saying he's seen 18 devices running the mobile OS from one company alone.

Via WSJ Blog