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Apple's iTunes Movies in the Cloud service comes to UK users

iTunes Movies in the Cloud comes to UK users
You can now access movies bought through iTunes without storing them on your iDevice

Apple has extended the iTunes in the Cloud functionality for UK users to movies bought from its store.

Thursday's roll-out means that iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac users will be able to, on command, access their movie purchases on the go, through the iCloud online storage portal.

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iTunes in the Cloud was initially opened up to iTunes Music purchases, books and apps but was extended to TV shows. Now UK users have access to their digital full-length movie purchases also.

The new functionality means it's less necessary for users with limited hard-drive space to carry these large files around on their iOS device or MacBook laptop.

They can now be downloaded at will by hitting the Cloud icon on the 'Purchased' tab within the iTunes Store and deleted when done, saving valuable space.

New countries

The roll-out extends to 37 countries in total, with Australia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and a whole host of countries in South and Central America and throughout the Pacific region among the welcome recipients.

Apple has now updated its 'by country' availability pages and UK fans now have access to the full range of services offered by iTunes in the Cloud.

Music, Music Videos, Movies, TV Shows, Apps and Books can now stored in the cloud to redownload whenever the user desires.

There's also iTunes Match, which scans a user's digital music collection and makes it easily accessible over iCloud for a subscription fee of £21.99 a year.