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Nokia unveils three new Classic phones

Nokia's attempts to stay at the sharp end of the smartphone market haven't stopped it taking its eyes off the lower-priced models - so say hello to the 6700, 6303 and 2700 Classics.

Basically, the phones are an amalgamation of hand-me-down high-end features that power users have been used to over the years, yet these handsets still pack some decent hardware and meet the pre-requisite of being suitably shiny.

6700 - is it a classic?

The Nokia 6700 Classic has a solid chassis housing a 2.2in screen, 5MP camera, GPS and a 3G connection. There's also microSD expansion to go along with the 150MB internal memory for watching the odd music video or here and there.

Apparently, the original 6300, released in 2006, "raised the bar in terms of design and premium materials and topped all sales records for a mid-range mobile phone." So, not too much to live up to there then.

6303 and 2700 - musical fun

Next up is the 6303 Classic, which has an identical screen to the 6300 Classic, but weighs 20g less for the more discerning pocket-user.

There's also a 3.5mm audio jack for your tunes (which begs the question of why it's not present on the flagship model) and a 3.2MP camera in this slider-lookalike.

And bottom of a sleek pile is the 2700 Classic, which likes to be cheerful while remaining cheap. However, it comes with 2GB of storage, a 2MP camera and a 3.5mm audio jack (via connector) as well. Apparently it "will provide its owner's first internet experience", so if you're a mobile net novice... well, you probably don't care about it anyway.

We suspect you want to know a bit about the prices, too... the Nokia 6700 Classic will come in at a little over £200, the 6303 around £125 and the 2700 will be around £60... all are due late in the next quarter.

Gareth Beavis

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