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Nokia Tube WILL be here by Christmas

Nokia Tube...coming soon!
Nokia Tube...coming soon!

The end of the wait for the Nokia tube may be in sight, which will be a massive relief for everyone getting slightly bored of wondering when (or if) it will ever land.

Nokia's India marketing director Devinder Kishore confirmed to The Economic Times the Finns will be bringing the handset to the market, though didn't elaborate on whether it will be called the Tube or the Xpress 5800.

"We have been working on the Series 60 platform for touch screen user interface and a mobile device is expected to be launched by the year-end," she told reporters.

Where's my boat?

Many feel Nokia might have missed the boat on this one, as nearly all other manufacturers have either got a full touchscreen device or two, or have one in the works, such as the BlackBerry Thunder.

However, with Nokia's development budget and power so large compared to the competition, as well as a long heritage for building useable mobile phones, it has to be expected this device will at least raise some eyebrows when launched.