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Nokia scraps Ovi brand, goes for Nokia Services

Ovi - has now hatched into Nokia Services
Ovi - has now hatched into Nokia Services

Nokia has turned its back on its Ovi branding, and will henceforth be calling all of its popular software products Nokia Services.

Ovi has become a familiar brand for Nokia – with the likes of Ovi Store and Ovi Maps – but a decision has been made to change.

That's partly because of the tie-up with Microsoft which will mean that Nokia's software will be made available on other Windows Phone Devices, so a brand change will make sure the company gets due credit.


Ovi is a scientific term for egg or ovum, the internet tells us, which means that we have a whole wealth of puns we could be putting in here.

But we're not big on yokes, so we'll just have to wait and see how Nokia Services pans out for the Finnish giant having hatched this latest plan.

And hope that the move of its services onto other Windows Phones doesn't leave it with egg on its face.

Via Engadget