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Sky preparing for iPad HD screen

Sky preparing for iPad HD screen
Apparently there's an iPad in here somewhere

Sky has told TechRadar that, while it hasn't been clued on what technology will included in the new iPad 3 / iPad HD, it's working on making sure its apps are compatible.

Speaking at the launch of the re-designed Sky Sports app for iPad, David Gibbs, director of Sky Sports Digital Media, told TechRadar that a new tablet from Apple was going to present some exciting challenges.

When grilled about the difficulty of having to upgrade the nascent app for a HD screen, as is strongly rumoured, Gibbs confirmed that the company is already testing upgrades to the app to be ready for any change:

"Any improvements Apple can make to the experience of [the iPad] are always great," he said.

Making preparations

"We don't know about any specific improvements, but we are making preparations based on assumptions of new technology – that's all we can do right now."

Gibbs also said that the new Sky Sports app for iPad, which will include detailed F1 coverage from 9 March including multiple video feeds and live highlights packages, has already got updates in the works:

"We've worked quite closely with Apple on our application because it's so new; that's why certain elements (such as split screen video feeds) aren't ready yet as we're pushing what the [iPad] can do."