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Nation's favourite websites revealed

The BBC, along with Amazon, is among the nation's favourite websites. Obviously
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BT Total Broadband today revealed the nation's favourite websites as voted for by visitors to Any surprises? No, none at all. The list reads like a who's who of mainstream web giants with the BBC and online shopping sites like Amazon proving most popular.

Amazon scooped three of the honours in the inaugural BT Online Excellence Awards 2007, winning the most nominations for Best Books Website, Best Electrical Website and Best Online Website.

The BBC was also voted best in three of the 17 categories, winning the top spot for Best Cookery Website, Best Kids Website and (obviously) Best News Website.

Visitors to BT's website have voted for the awards during the past three months. Some 5,000 nominations and 27,000 votes were received.

"We weren't interested in the technical aspects of the sites, just why users like them," said Matt Walton, head of online channel development at BT.

"As we suspected, the range of products or information available was the most important factor, followed by how easy it was to use."

BT Online Excellence Awards 2007 - list of winners:

Best Books Website:

Best Celebrity Website:

Best Cookery Website:

Best Electrical Website:

Best Environmental Website:

Best Fashion Website:

Best Food Website:

Best Gardening Website:

Best Homes Website:

Best Kids Website:

Best Local Government Website:

Best News Website:

Best Online Retailer:

Best Search Website:

Best Travel Website:

Best Video Website:

Best Wedding Website: