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Google: Buzz NOT a rival to Facebook and Twitter

Google Buzz - early problems
Google Buzz - early problems

Google's Bradley Horowitz has insisted that Google Buzz is not a direct competitor for the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but that it fills a niche 'not currently met by market'.

Although it has suffered a controversial birth, the company believes that the combination of various Google functionality and the third-party support will win out.

When asked by eWeek whether Buzz was a competitor to Twitter and Facebook Horowitz stated "Absolutely not."

A new category of communication

"…this is creating a new category of communication. It's filling a niche which is currently not met in the market," he added.

"I think something unique is happening on Buzz that will continue to evolve.

"It's hard to create a trend line or extrapolate too much from six days of use, but certainly conversation and the conversational Web is a place where Buzz has excelled. I think it is unique and offers a compelling interesting experience."

Question mark

There are still major question marks over Buzz, especially with some features still not working as fluidly as Google will have hoped, but the potential behind a social network from the internet giant is clear.

The controversy around Google's old enemy – privacy – has certainly dealt damage to Buzz in the crucial early fight for leverage, but after speedy changes the company will be hoping that its latest service can battle back.