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Chrome's native PDF support coming soon

Chrome OS - native PDF support coming
Chrome OS - native PDF support coming

Google Chrome's latest version includes native support for PDFs, using the Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface.

The Google Chrome 6.0.437.3 version includes what Google is describing as the 'next generation' of plugins to support PDFs.

"Millions of web users rely on PDF files every day to consume a wide variety of text and media content, says Marc Pawliger, Engineering Director at Google on the Chromium blog.

"To enable this, a number of plug-ins exist today which allow users to open PDF files inside their browsers.

"…the traditional browser plug-in model, though powerful, presents challenges in compatibility, performance, and security.


"We are making available an integrated PDF viewing experience in the Chrome developer channel for Windows and Mac, which can be enabled by visiting chrome://plugins.

"Linux support is on the way, and we will be enabling the integration by default in the developer channel in the coming weeks."

So, expect to see a secure, but not fully featured, PDF reader in Chrome's public release fairly soon.

Via PC Pro